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Wayne Gerard


Partner Emiritus, Wayne founded and began the practice fulltime in 1983. With thirty-plus years of clinical experience, he has been predominantly known as a specialist treating children and families, consulting for child serving agencies, and assessing ADD/ADHD in children and adults.


He counsels adults and adolescents as well, with a wide range of emotional and behavioral concerns such as unresolved grief, relationship issues, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, phobias, grief, and other past issues. He practices with a variety of therapeutic modalities, including CBT, mindfulness, interactive feedback, and process-oriented therapy.


Wayne has been a diplomate in clinical social work since 1994. He feels fortunate and honored to be part of a highly skilled group of clinicians who relate to each other better than a well-oiled machine!


Wayne can be reached at 

(260) 422-9372 ext. 101

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