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Terri Schlundt

Reiki Master

I strongly believe in an innate capacity for self-healing within each and every one of us. My approach seeks to draw this out in each and every one of my clients. Traditionally trained in Reiki since1994, Master Reiki trained and formally practicing since 2019, then becoming Access Bars Certified in 2021, throughout this journey I was guided by my angels. With the help of universal life force energy, it is within personalized and intuitively guided energy work sessions that I serve as your facilitator.


My sessions are a unique combination of energy work modalities including Reiki (in person or distance), Access Bars, Cord Cutting, Shamanic Modalities, Singing Bowls, Messages from Spirit, Crystal Augmentation, and Heat Therapy. As a client of mine, you will receive treatments however is most comfortable for you: lying or sitting, with or without touch, sleeping or talking about whatever is on your mind. Within the confines of its principles and practice, there is really no wrong or right in Reiki.


For centuries, people have practiced energy work for healing benefits. By transferring unconditional love from the universe, among its many applications, I help people improve their mood, sleep, ease acute/chronic pain, increase focus, and open the flow of energy. While energy work is not a replacement for medical or psychiatric care, it serves to augment your innate self-healing alongside the care received from other practitioners. If this sounds interesting, please reach out to me, by phone or text. With the assistance of your angels and guides, I would like to help you help yourself achieve your goals.


Terri can be reached at 

(260) 241-3397

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