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Salee Reese


As a licensed clinical social worker, I have spent thirty-five years helping people who are struggling with a wide range of challenges such as depression, a sense of hopelessness, grief, relationship and parenting issues. Some are tormented by undeserved and overblown guilt and shame – toxins that rob them of joy, self-love, and acceptance. Others are at a turning point in their lives and feel torn about which path to take.


Whatever the struggle, freeing people from their psychological cages is at the core of my work. I assist them in overcoming obstacles and breaking free of self-limiting patterns in order to live a happier life. Through the years, I have facilitated workshops and formed groups with the same focus.


You can find me online at, where I offer the same insight and guidance for dealing with life’s many challenges.


Salee can be reached at 

(260) 436-7208

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