Salee Reese


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"Whether she's counseling, writing or presenting, Salee's

message narrows down to a single premise: Happiness is the by-product

of living an untethered life - living life on one's own terms."

Salee is a seasoned therapist of 28 years working in the areas of depression, couples counseling, bipolar disorder, grief, parenting issues, and the inner critic.  She works with individuals, couples families, teens, and adults.

Freeing people from their psychological cages is at the core of her work - helping them break old patterns and overcoming obstacles.  Over the years, she has facilitated workshops and support groups with the same focus.

Salee authored a weekly column for four years in the Journal Gazette called  Life Changes, that transitioned to being online where she offers the same insight and guidance for dealing with life's many challenges... and cages.  You can find her work at

Salee can be reached at