Lili G. Carroll


Lili honors the uniqueness of everyone who walks through her door.  Drawing from her own experience with grief, she offers support through difficult life transitions and the grief, anxiety, and depression that one may experience.

Loss comes in all shapes and sizes.  It comes to us because someone we love has died.  It comes from illness, aging, divorce, job loss, or moving to a new home, town, or country, amongst others.

Lili works with individuals, families, and couples.  Before private practice, she specialized in grief counseling for over 12 years, presented at professional conferences, and facilitated workshops and support groups promoting understanding on grief and loss issues.  


Having lived in Europe and South America, Lili is intimately aware of what comes with relocating to a new and unfamiliar country.  She provides counseling in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese and works with expatriates and immigrants to overcome the complexities of acculturation.

Lili can be reached at

(260)  209-4949