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Andrea Clark


Andrea guides adult clients to heal from the effects of past trauma such as symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviors. She is trained in and practices EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to treat a wide range of painful experiences in the past that just won’t go away and reconnect the client to their individual strengths to alleviate emotional suffering and inspire hope.


Andrea’s enthusiasm for EMDR is based on being a witness to positive change for clients in a relatively short amount of time as seen in numerous research studies published in the last few decades. Andrea facilitates positive change in the treatment of trauma that contributes to substance abuse, other addictive behaviors and symptoms such as nightmares, intrusive memories, nervousness, depressed mood, negative beliefs, and feeling disconnected.


To bolster treatment, Andrea practices additional evidence-based therapies including motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness. Her clients tell her she offers a sense of calm and warmth, acceptance, nonjudgement, empowerment, and hope. She is honored to be allowed to help along their path to healing.


For more information about EMDR please visit


Andrea can be reached at 

(260) 422-9372 x100

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